Overcome Depressive Mood

Thirteen Positive Habits To Overcome Depressive Mood

For me, the main bane of depression is that there is no quick cure/solution for it. But depression doesn’t care about that.  So to get out of it I had to very much reformat my life and thinking principles into marathon ones.  That means – down with the “new life from Monday,” hello introduction of new habits bit by bit on a daily basis. Sall steps at the start can lead to tremendous results. But the point is, depressive people do not notice them and give up.

And yet below is a list of small habits to integrate in you help if you tend to be depressed. Six months go by, and you won’t notice how much better you’ve gotten.  So, if you don’t know what to do right now, just choose some tips from the list below and start trying them every day.

1. Go outside every day. At least for 5 seconds.

2. Don’t go to the bathroom with your phone. 

3. Do not fall asleep with your phone. And do not use the phone, gamble on Casino Bizzo or similar websites, so get rid of all the virtual activities.

4. Try new hobbies and activities you haven’t had in your life (music, sports, dancing, knitting, whatever)

5. Eat 500 grams of vegetables a day

6. Put a glass of water by your bed (drink the pills in the evening and drink them in the morning)

7. Sleep in the cold.

8. Allocate some time for negative and pessimistic thoughts, and try to think constructively/positively the rest of the time

9. Keep a mood journal

10. Do freewriting when you don’t know what to do

11. Take pills. Not fooling yourself or the doctor

12. Not to keep to yourself. Go to support groups from time to time or chat with others like you.

13. Keep track of self-deprecation and self-injury. It gets you nowhere. 

Of course, depression is a serious mental illness, and the first step to overcome it must be visiting a psychiatrist or psychologist. But these steps will certainly help you to control your life better.

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