No Zero Roulette Strategy Online

Strategy for playing non-zero roulette

The absence of additional sectors in non-zero roulette in practice means that the chances of winning are precisely equal to the payouts. For example, the payout for a winning bet on one sector is 35 to 1, and the chances of winning when betting on only one sector are also 35 to 1. In case of betting on equal odds the chance of winning is 50 to 50, i.e. actually 1 to 1.

At first glance, it may seem that the very liberal rules of the non-zero roulette game make it possible to use a large number of betting strategies and systems: Martingeil, Labouchere, Fibonacci, etc. But in reality the situation is not so simple, because the inventors of non-zero roulette are not going to make a profit and simply give the players a prize. That is why in this variant of non-zero roulette there are often many limits and limitations: first of all, a 10% commission on the winnings, secondly, a limitation of the maximum bet size, etc. In many online casinos offering roulette without zero, you can find the limitation of the size of bets to equal odds, as a rule, the size of the maximum bet does not exceed 10 conventional units (dollars/euros etc.).

That is why any strategies based on doubling followed by betting (e.g. Martingeil system), in case of roulette without zero are absolutely useless, as well as most of the progressive strategies that provide for increase/change followed by the order of betting.

Non-zero roulette and casino dominance

Roulette Strategy Online

The casino dominance index shows how much the casino wins in the long term period. It is very simple to calculate casino dominance according to the formula:

Casino dominance = 1 – (sum of player’s win/sum of player’s loss).

Roulette Online

Casino dominance is calculated in percent, and 0 means that in the long term period the casino does not win anything. In other words, the closer the casino’s dominance is to zero, the greater the player’s chances of leaving the casino with a win.

In non-zero roulette the situation at first glance looks like this: the absence of additional sectors actually reduces the casino’s dominance to zero. On the other hand, casinos that offer their players such a roulette variant do not plan to refuse profit and ensure their dominance in other ways, for example, they introduce a commission (usually 10%) from the profit of any bets on roulette without zero. Thus, by betting, for example, 100 dollars on black and winning the non-zero roulette, the player will actually receive only 90 dollars. At first glance, non-zero roulette is actually the most beneficial variant of this game of chance for players simply because the absence of the zero sector reduces the casino’s predominance of 2.7% (in European roulette) to 0.

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