Now, after a brief history lesson on the Spanish basketball first division, let’s get down to the business of betting! You have seen that Barcelona and Real Madrid always come in as favourites. After all, they have a combined total of 54 titles.

Longer-term bets

It is therefore worth placing some long-term bets on one of these teams. The most common is “Final Winner” where you have to indicate the ACB Grand Champion. In this case, low odds mean good title chances.


This market is quite popular because it is simplified. In it, just point the winner of the match, noting that in basketball there is no draw.

For this you need to search for information such as recent record, highlights of the last game, position in the table, data and statistics about the teams and head-to-head. The odds can also help, low odds are synonymous with favouritism.

In addition, it is essential that you watch the games, follow the championship and read analysis from experts in the sport of orange ball. When it comes to betting, any kind of information is valid!

ACB League Teams

Let’s check out all 18 teams that are in contention for the title.

  • Manresa;
  • Zaragoza;
  • Joventut Badalona;
  • Real Betis;
  • Barcelona;
  • Gran Canaria;
  • San Pablo Burgos;
  • Tenerife;
  • UCAM Murcia;
  • Fuenlabrada;
  • Valencia Basket.


Basically, the handicap is used in case of low odds in other markets, such as 1×2. For a better understanding, let’s see an example.

In 1×2, the match Barcelona x Andorra has odds of 1.23 for the triumph of Barça and 4.35 for the victory of Andorra. A guess on the Catalans is almost a certainty of green. However, the return will not be high.

According to the rules, the winner of semi-final A will face the winner of semi-final B in the final, which is also a single match.

Now that you know the format, check out all the participants of Euroleague 2021-22:

  • ALBA Berlin (Germany);
  • Anadolu Efes Istanbul (Turkey);
  • AS Monaco (France);
  • Olimpia Milan (Italy);
  • Baskonia (Spain);
  • Crvena Zvezda MTS Belgrade (Serbia);
  • Olympiacos (Greece);
  • Panathinaikos (Greece);
  • Real Madrid (Spain).

Anadolu Efes

Without doubt, one of the title contenders is Anadolu Efes. Why? Simple, they are the current champions, they beat Barcelona by 86 x 81 and won the first title in history. The edition had Olímpia in 3rd place and CSKA in 4th place.

It is worth noting that Anadolu kept the winning base, including Vasilije Micic, who stood out last season, and signed Serbian pivot Filip Petrusev.


Meanwhile, Euro runners-up Barça recently won the Spanish league title, one of the most respected in Europe. Nikola Mirotic, a big name in the campaign, remains with the team.

Heurtel and Hanga went to Real Madrid, archrival. However, the “change” came with the signing of Nico Laprovittola. The Argentine player, idol of Flamengo, swapped Madrid for Catalonia. The excellent trio Higgins-Davies-Kuric remains in Barcelona.

CSKA Moscow

CSKA, the second biggest champion of the Euroleague, with eight titles, settled the return of Alexey Shved. The playmaker, who has three NBA seasons under his belt, arrived in Moscow with “big signing” status. But they lost Mike James, one of the main names in the squad.

Real Madrid

As said before, Real Madrid hired Hanga and Heurtel, two ex-Barça players. Besides them, Guerschon Yabusele and Nigel William-Goss, who were in France and Russia, respectively, also arrived in the Spanish capital.

The biggest Euroleague champions, with 10 titles and eight finals, will have star players Sergio Llull and Rudy Fernandez for another season.

Olimpia Milan

Italian runners-up Olimpia will have the services of Daniels, Bamberg, Hall and Mitoglou. As well as Giampaolo Ricci, Sergio Rodriguez and Riccardo Moraschini, three players who competed at the Tokyo Olympics.

EuroLeague Basketball bet types

Final Winner

This market is common in basketball. And it is a great choice for beginner bettors. After all, it is very simplified, just indicate the great champion of the Euroleague. For this, analyze the odds and see which team has the lowest. The lower the odd, the more chances of winning.


Undoubtedly, this is another market suitable for bettors who are still starting. Here, you only need to point out the winner of the match in question.


It may sound complicated, but the handicap serves to equate strong and weak teams. When the odd of the “Winner” is not attractive, opt for the handicap. But remember that the team must win by the indicated margin of points. Otherwise, the bet is lost.

If you had any doubt about what is the spread in basketball, it was solved in the paragraph above. Spread and handicap are the same, only the name changes.


It is about getting the total number of points for the match right, adding the two teams or considering only one of them. The decision on how to adjust the total is up to the bettor.

Winning Margin

You can also bet on the difference in points between the winner and loser of the match. The bigger the difference, the bigger the odd.

Winner and total

This is a combination of the “Winner” and “Total” markets, where you must guess who will be the winner and if the team will score more than “X” number of points.


As with the ‘Winner End’ betting, betting on ‘Odd/Even’ is also simple. The market requires you to state whether the match result will end in an odd or even number.

There will be overtime

Unlike football, in basketball there is no draw, there will always be a winner. Therefore, you must indicate whether the game will be decided in regulation time or overtime.

Most productive quarter

Last but not least, this market is about which quarter, also known as period, will be the most productive, with more points scored.

T: How to bet on Euroleague Basketball

D: Beat the odds with our tips for betting on European basketball!  Dubbed the Champions League of the orange ball sport

Still in the AFC, we should also highlight the Kansas City Chiefs, champions in 2019 and 2020.

On the other hand, in the NFC, these are the franchises that have reached glory the most times:

  • Dallas Cowboys (5 titles);
  • San Francisco 49ers (5 titles);
  • Green Bay Packers (4 titles);
  • New York Giants (4 titles).

Where can I watch NFL games?

ESPN, a pay-TV channel, has been the home of the NFL in Brazil for a few years. And the popularization of the oval ball in the country of football happened precisely because of ESPN.

Professionals like Everaldo Marques, Paulo Mancha, Rômulo Mendonça and Paulo Antunes have helped Players understand the North American sport.

Not only did they help in the understanding, but they also promoted entertainment, something that facilitates acceptance and popularization.

That is where the handicap comes in, in order to balance the duel and offer attractive odds. Just to illustrate, Barcelona -2.5 means that the team must win by at least three points difference. Otherwise, the bet will be lost.

Total Points

This market is about the total points from the match combining the two teams. You can bet on whether the match will be over or under 147.5 points, for example.

Winning Margin

You can bet on the points difference between the winner and the loser. If the team comes from wins with elastic scores, guessing on the winning margin is a good choice.

See how easy betting on CBA is? Besides the ones mentioned, there are dozens of markets for all tastes. Check out other popular ones:

  • Scale of points;
  • There will be extension;
  • Most Productive Period;
  • Winner at half-time;
  • Winner of a period;
  • Winner of the 1st or 2nd half.

So now you know how to bet on the Endesa League. More than that, you are on top of everything that involves the main basketball championship in Spain, and one of the biggest in the world. Do you want to start making your predictions? Register and get ready for lots of profit and fun!

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