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Strategy of doubling in video poker

In some online casinos the machines for playing video poker provide the possibility of doubling the bet after a winning hand. In other words, if you have managed to compose any poker combination, you will be offered to double your bet after a winning hand and, in case of a win, to double your prize. In case of doubling you will have to participate in a special bonus round: you will receive five additional cards, one of which is open and four of which are closed. From the four closed cards you have to choose one. If it turns out to be higher than the open card, your win will be doubled, if it is lower, correspondingly, you lose all previously won money. When you win the doubling you can continue doubling.

Naturally, the longer the series of doubles, the lower the chances of winning each subsequent bonus round. Before deciding on the next doubling, take into consideration the mathematical probability of winning the series of doublings:

  • In case of the first doubling the chances of winning are approximately equal to 50 – 50.
  • In case of the second doubling it is 25%.
  • In case of the third doubling it is 12.5%.
  • In case of the fourth doubling it is 6,25%.

As the bonus round in video poker is really a “guess the card” game, which does not follow any mathematical calculations, the only strategy for doubling down in video poker is to take into account the winning chances in the series of doubling down. As a rule, it is recommended to make the first doubling and in case of winning to refuse the following bonus rounds.

What cards need to be changed in video poker?


The rules of card substitution in video poker, considering the above mathematical probabilities, are quite simple for beginners.

Always leave the strong combination in the hand: royal flush, straight flush, poker, full house, set and two pair.

If there is a three of a kind (set) in the starting hand, then you should switch the remaining two cards, in which case there is a chance of getting a poker or even a full house.

If there are two pairs in the starting hand, change the fifth card to have a chance to get a full house.

Split the straight or flush only if you have a four-card royal flush in your hand. For example, if you have in your hand an ace, king, queen, jack and nine, all of one suit, change the nine so that in case of luck you can get a ten and make a royal flush. In case of such a substitution you have the possibility to get many other winning combinations, i.e. flush, straight with a ten of any other suit, pair of the major cards.

Always keep a pair of minor cards in your starting hand.

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Do not try to compose an inside straight flush (straight without a card in the middle before finishing), the only exclusion is if the straight includes at least three major cards. It is more profitable to draw a two-pointed straight flush, because the chances of getting a necessary card in case of substitution are twice as high. For example, in the case of the inside straight flush of four, five, seven and eight, only one card, the six, is needed. And in the case of the two-pointed straight flush of four, five, six and seven, both the three and the eight will also complete the combination.

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