The game has a total of 60 balls. In all, 30 of them are drawn initially. You can play with up to four cards, each of which has 15 different numbers. Guaranteed a lot of emotion.

Here you have an incredible 15 types of winning sequences, which increases your chances of winning prizes of up to 1,500 times the amount wagered. Don’t let this chance slip away.

If only one number is missing to get a good prize, don’t lose hope. The game even offers up to 10 extra balls, which are represented by soccer balls.

Don’t miss the chance to get free extra balls. You can also find Ball Z, where you choose which number will be drawn.

Want more? Then check out the accumulated jackpot. To take him home you have to complete the full card using 30 balls or less.

If you’re lucky, you can be awarded the game’s bonus, which in addition to the special prize, pays 500 times the stake.

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How to play Bingo Cup


You won’t have any difficulties playing the Bingo Cup, even more so after following our tutorial.

To get started, you must set the value of each credit as you wish. Once that’s done, it’s time to define the number of credits that will be bet on each card.

You must then select up to four cards to play at the same time. You can also ask to change the numbers on them.

When a streak is awarded, its numbers will be filled in red. The other numbers drawn are indicated by an “X”.

A number filled with yellow is a good sign, it means that it is just missing to complete a winning streak. For this you can ask for extra balls in some cases.

You can buy the extra balls at the end of the draw, if you are close to a good prize. Otherwise they will not be offered.

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Bingo Cup theme, design and graphics


If you’re passionate about football, you won’t miss the Bingo Cup for nothing. The theme made by Zitro Interactive is a tribute to the most popular sport in the world.

The game has a design with many references to football. This brings even more fun to the screen, as the player feels really involved in the theme.

The Bingo Cup graphics leave nothing to be desired. It is a game with engaging and fun images, without a doubt a good choice.

How to win at Bingo Cup

It takes luck to win the Bingo Cup. However, you also need a good strategy. For this we separate valuable tips to improve your game.

The game has low volatility. Thus, you will win smaller prizes with some frequency, but you must insist until you get a good prize.

The most important thing here is not to place bets too low. Otherwise, the good prizes won’t make much difference. Gradually increase the values.

It is also very important that all cards are active. Since your chances increase considerably that way.

You have to be careful with the extra balls. Buy only when you are close to a good prize and don’t take chances to win smaller prizes.

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